Latest RPWP Healthcare News:

We are currently pursuing into producing our own brand hospital grade sanitizer. We will announce about the brand and packaging for our own home brand sanitizer soon. 

We were highlighted in the mainstream news media, Astro Awani as the public start to awe about an orphanage turned into a PPE manufacturer during MCO.

A coverage by Free Malaysian Today (FMT) about the operation of RPWP Healthcare as backliner to support the Covid-19 frontliners

Our Product
& Services

  • Hearing aid check & supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Nationwide logistic for medical supplies
  • Manufacturing PPE
  • Manufacturing hand sanitizer
  • Importing and distributing medical equipment and devices.

Hearing Problem?

RPWP Healthcare is backed strongly by the medical experts and reputable figures.

RPWP Healthcare is a company focusing on medical supplies manufacturing. We anticipated with the demand in the healthcare industry in Malaysia. We have very capable team from the external parties from the healthcare practitioners and a bunch of very able person in our board. 

Having established and reputable doctors and healthcare practitioners in our line-up has made us very confidence that we have produced the best possible product for the industry. From medical background, dietetic, biotechnology, microbiology, general medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology, chemical engineering, veterinary,  family health and few others.

All product from RPWP Healthcare has been designed to fit the demand of the industry as well as evolving to improve the efficiency of the product. RPWP Healthcare is producing as well as importing medical supplies according the medical specification and requirements. 

RPWP Healthcare

Advisory Panel

Dr. Masjuki

Graduated from UPM in veterinary and has been established in few businesses worldwide and also the Executive Chairman of RPWP Healthcare.

Dr. Shazana Umar

Holding Phd Science & Technology in Community Health from USIM, she have so much thing to contribute in the development of RPWP Healthcare. She is now an active scientist with RPWP Healthcare.

Dr. Madihah Junid

She is a practicing doctor graduated from Kubang Kerian Medical School, USM. She is now one of the core person in product planning in RPWP Healthcare.

Dr. Intan Salwani

Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, United Kingdom. Now, she is one of the back bone in product planning and also the director of RPWP Healthcare.

Dr. Ruzaini Ikram

A practicing doctor in healthcare and having vast experiences about the needs in hospitals and public health. Graduated from Medical School, USM.

Kharunnisa Aqilah

A microbiologist graduated from University Malaya and now sitting in the core team and involve actively in designing the product according to the industrial demand. 

What is RPWP ?

RPWP is an acronym to Rumah Pengasih Warga Prihatin (Home for Love & Compassionate Community). It's an orphanage established from year 2005 with 20 co-founders from multiple professional backgrounds and business owners. RPWP is a stand-alone orphanage which never depend on alms and donation to run the place.

With the establishment of it own school, buildings, community system, RPWP can't run away from bearing a high overhead cost to sustain 200 people in this community.

However, RPWP embarked into a few businesses since 2005. Among all, in media, training, textiles, menswear, automotive, F&B, importation, training academy, heavy machineries, travel and last but not least is HEALTHCARE.

We embarked into healthcare beginning during Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020. The needs to use PPE and faceshields among frontliners became too essential. However, the availability if the said item to be imported from usual exporters has been blocked by their local government due to their domestic demand to prioritize.

Without waiting any longer, we have switched our school and halls into faceshield and PPE factory in order to cater for the critical domestic demands.

Since then, we have been invited by the Ministry of Health on an Emergency Procurement which we began to secure a trust by the ministry.

That was the beginning of the journey of RPWP Healthcare Sdn Bhd. It's not just a company running a business just like any others. RPWP Healthcare is currently one of the major income contributors to sustain this orphanage and underprivileged community of RPWP. 

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